IFSC Library: Access to the knowledge

bib2The access to national and international scientific information is not a problem for those that work at IFSC.The IFSC Library and Information Service (SBI) "Prof. Bernhard Gross" get together a collection with more than 25.000 books, 800 scientific journals, 1600 thesis and 3500 special materials and provides access to thousands of additional volumes available in other USP units. The service also provides complete online access to the web pages of more than 8000 titles in scientific publications and to scientific data bases such as Web of science, Scopus, among others. Search and loan services, training and orientation to users, national and international bibliography exchange services, access to electronic documents and data bases, and compilation of the IFSC scientific production are other facilities that support the development of the teaching and research activities at IFSC.The library is located in a modern building, with several rooms for individual and group studies, free access to 09 microcomputers, audio-visual room equipped with TV, DVD and microcomputer, scientific software room, comfortable area for journal reading, wireless internet, internal TV circuit and central air conditioning system.bib