The São Carlos Institute of Physics (Instituto de Física de São Carlos) is a dynamic interdisciplinary research center located in the heart of the State of São Paulo. With access to excellent research funding, the Institute coordinates several Brazilian research networks in diverse fields, such as optics and photonics, structural biology, ceramic materials, nanobiotechnology, scientific computing and organic electronics.


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Poly(allylamine hydrochloride) (PAH) and bovine serum albumin (BSA) protein nanostructured as layer-by-layer thin films.

SA, Antonio Wellington Lima de; LEMOS, Hugo Gajardoni de; SILVA, Marcelo de Assumpção Pereira da; VENANCIO, Everaldo Carlos.
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Synthesis, morphology and electrochemical applications of iron oxide based nanocomposites.

LETTI, Camila J.; COSTA, Karla A. G.; GROSS, Marcos A.; PATERNO, Leonardo G.; SILVA, Marcelo de Assumpção Pereira da; MORAIS, Paulo C.; SOLER, Maria A. G.
Advances in Nano Research
Charge carrier transport in defective reduced graphene oxide as quantum dots and nanoplatelets in multilayer films.

JIMENEZ, Mawin J. M.; OLIVEIRA, Rafael F.; ALMEIDA, Tiago P.; FERREIRA, Rafael C. Hensel; BUFON, Carlos Cesar B.; SILVA, Marcelo de Assumpção Pereira da; GOBBI, Ângelo L.; PIAZZETTA, Maria H. O.; RIUL JUNIOR, Antonio.
Search for high-energy neutrinos from binary neutron star merger GW170817 with ANTARES, IceCube, and the Pierre Auger Observatory.

ALBERT, A.; ALBUQUERQUE, Ivone Freire da Mota e; CATALANI, F.; SOUZA, Vitor de; KEMMERICH, N.; LANG, R. G.; PRADO, R. R.; CARVALHO, W. Rodrigues de; SANTOS, Edivaldo Moura; PEIXOTO, Carlos Jose Todero.
Astrophysical Journal Letters


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